Area(s) of Responsibility

The Council researches, develops and presents the Conference’s annual submission to the National Minimum Wage review with particular consideration to the needs of families and the low paid.

The Council provides advice as required to the Commission as follows:

  1. Promotion of the life and mission of the Catholic Church in Australia in the area of work and the employment relationship.
  2. Advocacy in support of work and the employment relationship in Australian society based on Catholic Social Teaching.

Number of Members:

The Council will comprise eight (8) appointed members.

A Bishop Delegate will represent the Commission at all meetings of the Council and will liaise as required with the Council Chair in between meetings.


Appointment of Members:

Following the appointment of members to the Commission at the May Plenary Meeting, the Commission will appoint members for the triennial term and will report these appointments to the Conference at the November Plenary Meeting. The Commission may re-appoint members for up to two subsequent terms.


Appointment of the Chair:

The Commission, on recommendation from the Council, will appoint the Chair for a triennial term from the membership of the Council.



The Council will meet as required to deal with the setting of the National Minimum Wage and the submission to the annual wage review.

The Council will meet at other times in response to a request for advice by the Bishop Delegate using a variety of communications technology.